Monday, October 31, 2005

Llanelli Warriors 29 Kwik Save Crosshands 27 (match 87)

Programme cover: Dai Nusiance playing against Penybanc

Big Al looks for a gap

juice 1 - 2 Gwil...
and back

Big Al holds up the ball

Jon Kerr loses out at Twister

Dean on the blocks

Dean saves Hancock

from a Jas BIG HIT!

Kerr nose rugby (groan)

Kwik Save ball

Louie decides Kiwk Save ball (probaly hoping for discount there next time he's shopping)

Mike James demands respect as ref

Poor Moley suffers huge hit from Gwilym

same hit at a distance for sake of younger surfers

Jas throwing in (Line out comparison)

Jon Kerr; stands tall


eye on the ball

superb controlled take

Roger sprawls forward

leans all over lifter

and flaps at the ball

How do those legs keep him up?

Tony moves in on Meredith

Juice to Roger

Roger catches

Roger starts another attack

scrum down

Simon cuts back

Simon needs human parachute to slow him down

Simon playing touch rugby

Simon puts in tackle from the ground...

Turns into a maul

Jon Kerr and Newson add weight

Kerr lends a hand

Warriors win possession

Typical Simon

Tony makes tackle (just)

Tony moves in

Llanelli Warriors: Dai Spriggs, Tony Whittaker (Meredith Pugh), Adam Cochyn, Alun Stephens, Richard Evans (Lee Rowlands), Jonathan Jones, Dean Gilasbey, Colin Talcon (Chris Hancock), Jason Jenkins (Cpt), Darren Davies (Alan Taylor), Jonathan Kerr, Roger Thomas, Simon Jenkins, Dai Newson, Gwilym Lewis (Mike James)

Llanelli Warriors 36 New Dock Stars JSP 30 (match 87)

match programme

Match report:

The Warriors just about managed to extract revenge over the parents of New Docks Junior section in an exciting end of season romp at Stradey Park. Just 48 hours after the Scarlets had secured the league title in such a tense affair these two teams served up a totally different match. Instead of an edgy kicking duel it was a 12 try spectacular with end to end stuff with caution thrown to the wind.The Warriors were determined to get a result after missing out 17 – 10 at New Dock earlier in the season but it was the JSP though who started stronger. With the likes of Gel and the two James’s, Jones and Watkins mixed in the old heads to provide a bit of pace they had a heady combination and it proved successful from the off. Some of the Warriors began a bit hesitantly and the Dock team quickly capitalised with John Davies getting the scoreboard in motion. With Baxter leading from the front two more tries quickly followed before the ever dependable Dai Newson rumbled over to pull one back for the Warriors. And so it went on, the Stars getting ahead but the Warriors staying in touch, Lee Harris, Chris John and Mark Thomas all adding to new Docks total but towards the mid point of the second half the Warriors backs were starting to show some fluidity. Alan Taylor, Tony Whittaker and Lee Rowlands all crossed after long range movements and finally Jonathan Kerr got them a point in front when he went in next to the posts. It wasn’t over though, despite some improved tackling from the Warriors, Richard Evans was on hand to capitalise on good work from Baxer and the Warriors were staring at another narrow defeat. They had to dig deep but another backs move saw Rowlands again break clear and hand on to Alan Taylor for the winning score. With 12 tries evenly shared the Warriors were indebted to the accurate kicking of Kerr and Simon Jenkins to steer them home in a titanic battle. An exciting end to an excellent game of sunshine rugby.
Llanelli Warriors: Dai Spriggs (Adam Cochyn), Richard Evans (Meredith Pugh), Lee Rowlands, Alun Stephens, Tony Whittaker, Jon Jones, Dean Gilasbey, Alan Taylor, Jason Jenkins (Cpt), Colin Talcon, (Jonathan Kerr, Darren Davies), John Horwood, Roger Thomas, Simon Jenkins, Dai Newson, Gwilym Lewis.
after the match both teams retired to the Half Way for a very enjoyable few pints in the sping sunshine.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Betws 17 Llanelli Warriors 27 (match 83)

Lots of photos to get through...
Lee Rowlands looking to pass out of contact

Alan Taylor swings the ball out

Jonathan Jones caught by Seth

Rowlands kicks ahead

Steve falls on the loose ball

Lee Barber puts pressure on Owen Williams

Newson on a rumble

One man maul

Lee Barber feeds out

Barber caught

Steve secures as Deano plays srum half

Dai makes sure

Paul Rees tries to short arm Alan Taylor

into contact

Dai Ed adds his weight

Dai Spriggs lines up the 1st kick of the day


Lee Barber chases accross

Line out waits

Iestyn Williams steals ball for Betws

and everyone collapses in shock

Jonathan 'Kick n clap' Jones

Meredith Pugh (left) and Dai Newson try to halt Iestyn Griffiths

Colin Talcon about to pack down

Juice gets the ball away despite the attentions of Paul Rees

"can we have our ball back please" Ewen McLaughin

John Horwood waits (for divine intervention?)

Iestyn Williams clears for Betws

Lee Barber escapes Iestyn's clutches

Alan Taylor looks to attack

Gwilym Lewis tackles Adrian Pugh

Warriors backline poised

The sign of a good team is strength on the bench

Gwilym takes kick off

Deano hitches ride around the field

Good support play from the Warriors: Lee Barber..

... Lee Rowlands...


and then Gwilym

Alan Taylor outpaces Paul Richards, Richard Stuart and Nic James

Paul Jones can't catch him

and so he scores.

Gwilym takes it forward

and into contact



Juice tackles Seth

Lee Rowlands tackle technique...

Twist and turn

Football instincts take over, "here's one I learned at Carway"

Jonny Kerr cuts through

turns on the pace

and gets caught by Seth

Simon attempts to power through Paul Rees

Rowlands finds time to have his hair combed

Lee Barber keeps ball available

The Legend: Lewis 'Louie' Jones (just about awake)

Dai Newson bellies towards the line

Kerr kicks

Steve Holloway and Lee Moulton: come dancing

Roger heads for the line...

Streches his legs - a fine run

All the way to the line - if only the whistle hadn't gone!

Gwil slips away from Phil Saunders

Gehtin 'Roced' takes over

Geth climbs aboard

all the way to the line

Roger bithday celebrations

very popular young Murphy

and in - job done

Jumpin' brings up the rear

all over

Roger 'Murhpy' Thomas - the birthday boy in classic pose

Lewis Jones - tired

Dai Ed - emotional

Match report from Ll. Star
The Warriors made a 2nd visit of the season to Betws and avenged their defeat to the club's JSP team with a commanding performance. There was then the chance to watch Wales v France in the clubhouse and another great afternoon was had.