Monday, March 20, 2006

Barry Barrians 20 Llanelli Warriors 15 (match 119)

The Warriors had a great time in Cardiff on the day of the Wales - France match. Once Billo turned up (and Neil Parker gibbed) it was up to Cardiff High School Old Boys ground in Whitchurch. We were so keen we were there a good half hour before anyone else and almost froze to death.
The game was a very tough, hard and fair contest and after initial fears that we would be blown away the team put in a good performance and might even have sneaked the result. Billo did well at scrum half and has now played in every position in the backline. Darren again did well filling in at center whilst up front John Horwood contiunes to extend the apperance record. There were a couple of incidents of note in the game, Rich Hapus claiming he'd been elbowed, Dai Posh putting in some dabs, Gwilym's 'Popham' style tackle and a (correctly) disallowed try.
A quick couple of pints in the clubhouse (with Italy-Scotland on the box), say goodbye to the part-timers: Deano, Pimp and Sheep (he had acting classes!!) and it was on to Henry's Africa in the town center. Unfortunatley we didn't get to go on the Barrians double decker which was definatley the one Cliff Richard used on his summer holiday but with a blue re spray.
unfortunatley managment HAD to go into the game after a quick pint but I think the pictures showed that the boys enjoyed themselves, it was certainly 'going well' when we returned (helped of course by Ireland beating the Sais).
Somehow we all managed to find the bus alright and on time so apart from the singing the bus trip home was fine. There was a quick dispersion from the Cambrian with a very small party making town and (just about) Bar Luna, and so ended the Warriors 1st proper match day in Cardiff.
Thanks to Ricky and all the Barrians players and supporters who looked after us so well (off the field obviously) and to Andrew for the decent photos here (Oh and thanks to Bloc and Killer for the crap ones). if anyone has anymore please send them on. We hope this will become a regular feature on the fixture list and hopefully there will be a home leg before the end of the season. The Barrians team are from the Heath Hospital in Cardiff.
early arrival leaves the Warriors in the cold
Getting ready to rumble
a classic Jason team talk
Meredith adds some extra
Hapus and Wheredyataker swop last minute tips
Dean tip toes onto the catwalk, sori rugby pitch
Barrians go left
Tony thinks we've got it covered
stopped that one
Lewis the Legend
Barrians cover back
here comes another drive
Barrians open the scoring

Bloc and Lulu have a quick chat
Water? no - have you got a hairbrush!
Dean gives pointers
Darren marches the ball back
Barrians wait
Warriors line out
guess whose getting this one...
still 50/50
Jumpin' hasn't jumped enough
the both miss it
so who guessed the Barrians middle line jumper?

Campese is up like a flanker
Colin forces Ricky to pass
Ricky throws a 'miss one'
Barrains flanker gets outside Taylor
Gwil lines him up (and claims it was an awesome tackle but theres no photo!!)
Barrains on the break

Darren's got it covered
Blacks ball
Andrew and Deano line up the defence
Ricky calls for re-enforcements
Oxford english picture definition: "a pile up"

Barrians line out
Simon waits for the ball
Dean still happy
John finally sprints (he was being subbed)
Warriors scrum poised to unleash hell! (well... Billo then)
Billo: Bambi on ice makes a break
Gwilym walks back after grabbing a try
Killer tees up the conversion
Bang! (he missed)
Louie is pleased
The Barrians hit back so quickly theres no photo
Simon shows Deano how to clear the lines
The Warriors lineout reaches higher than a crane
Billo looks for Dean
The victors

The Warriors try to grab some credit (thanks to Cristina for this photo)
The men in red are (back row): Alan Taylor (hiding behing) John Horwood, Jason Bennet, Andrew John (just) and on the end; Daen Gilasbey, Rob Roberts, Tony Whittaker.
(middle row) Roger Thomas (Cpt), Meredith Pugh, Mathew Jones, Jason Jenkins.
(front) Lewis Jones, Chris Spriggs, Chris Bonar, Colin Talcon, Richard Evans, Simon Jenkins (just behind) Gwilym Lewis, and finally Jonathan Kerr and Darren Pimp
if you enlarge it you can spot the bus driver and the Warriors travelling supporters: Chairman Dai Newson, 'original' hooker Ed Williams and token female Warriorette Keeley Spriggs.

back in from the cold at Cardiff HSOB

Deano and 2 guns

Chris making friends
Onto cardiff (time for a song tho)

Simon gets a good spot
Jason & Colin make themselves at home
Chris making more friends
Jason in the mix (Yeehah!)
Louie: tired out (again)
Christophers found a good seat
woken up at last
Jumpin' paying as much attention as usual to the game
Billo wants a picture with Louie while he's awake
Andrew John: hair raising
Killer Taylor and Bloc try to see where Louies gone with Bloc's fags
Tony waits for Chris to come and kick Killer's head in

Warriors legendary former hooker: Ed Williams
Chris on the cop
jason with another 'companion' Did I miss something on the ceiling
fraternising with the enemy
Even Louie made friends
Dai Ed makes sure Bonar's singing cap is on
Show me the way to go home!
Jason: 'doiching' up front
look at the muscles on that
A long Day for Nusiance and Bonar
Wedi blino: very tired looking Ed Williams

Dai and Meredith on song
Classic Roger photo
Meredith goes solo
Meredith responds to Dai Ed's critisism of his singing
Billo (possibly) wakes up just in time to go home

The Llanelli Warriors winning streak was brought to and end on Saturday when they lost for the first time in 9 matches to the Barry Barrians Heath Hospital staff team. It was a rare visit to the Capital for the team who include players with learning difficulties and although they lost on this occasion they put in a good performance and battled to the end of an absorbing encounter.
The Heath side certainly had a good weight advantage upfront and they put this to good advantage taking the game to the Warriors. They maintained an advantage at rucks throughout the game and Mike Morgan got the games 1st score after a number of forward rushes.
The Warriors were a bit slow starting and spent most of the opening quarter trying to clear their lines. With yet another half back partnership settling in they struggled at first but the efforts of Captain Roger Thomas and his second row partner John Horwood helped keep the Heath at bay. The Barrians kept the pressure on though but having had few games together this season a couple of opportunities went begging. Their driving lineout was effective throughout the game but the backs despite the controlling influence of Ricky Hellgar at fly half sometimes looked uncohesive.
The Warriors began to settle but remained under more pressure than they could exert and it was no surprise when Richard Davies got a second try for the home side but it went unconverted.
The Llanelli team continued to improve and Simon Jenkins got them on to the scoreboard with his second penalty attempt. The Warriors were now having more of the game but the Barrians held the upper hand up to the break.
The second half was a much closer affair and the integrated team had some success out wide whilst the home forwards continued to impress. The action was hard and fast with plenty of incident. The Warriors were boosted by the introduction of man of the match Chris Bonar at prop while Andy Davidson belied his inexperience at rugby in a solid performance for the Barrians. The visitors break through came when flanker Gwilym Lewis charged through from a quick tap penalty. It was still against the run of play but it gave the Warriors heart. They stepped up their defence with Lewis and center Darren Pimp putting in some big hits. They also looked dangerous on the counter and in open play but the home side still had the upper hand.
Morgan got them 2 scores clear again with a well deserved second try and in such an open game it was a surprise more scores didn’t come. The Llanelli team threw everything into a frantic final quarter and when Dave Chatti became the latest player to not retreat 10 meters from a penalty the Warriors were awarded a penalty try which Jenkins converted. Five minutes of play remained and both sides went for the win with plenty of gusto. The Barrains held on for the win but were pushed all the way with all the players out on their feet at the end.
It was then into town where the Warriors enjoyed the big match atmosphere for the 1st time as a club. They would like to thank Barry Barrians for their hospitality and the chance to demonstrate to the capital that having a learning difficulty needn’t be a barrier to playing rugby.

Llanelli Warriors: Rob Roberts, Tony Whittaker (Richard Evans), Darren Pimp, Andrew John, Meredith Pugh (Alan Taylor), Dean Gilasbey, Mathew Jones, Jason Bennett (Chris Bonar), Jason Jenkins, David Edwards (Colin Talcon), John Horwood (Jon Kerr), Roger Thomas (Cpt), Chris Spriggs, Simon Jenkins, Gwilym Lewis

Tries: Gwilym Lewis, penalty try
Conversion: Simon Jenkins
Penalty: Simon Jenkins
Man of the match: Chris Bonar

With speeches like this how can you loose? oh, what...we did...ooops