Friday, February 19, 2010

Gwlad 27 Llanelli Warriors 10 (Match 161)

What a day!

With a 10:30pm kick off it was an early start and so our long day began at 8:00am at Town Hall.

A difficult time to start the whole; whose playing, whose paid, where's thingy, what time we back, wheres the bus picking us up from, etc
Warriorettes were out in force with Tracey Shambles, Sharon, Sue Pegs, Tori Pegs & Carol Bach being joined by Kirsty, Lauren and Gemma - the latter two not wearing enough clothes to cover Dai Newson's Belly. They along with various wimps/injured players/committee: Lewi, Nusiance, Lee Mole, Dean Chappers, Parker, Killer - meant we almost had more supporters than players (in fact when we met Michelle up in cardiff it was a 50/50 split)

Once the driver had finally been directed to the fields (think we might have actually left the city limits again at one point) we met up with the Bloc n Juice shuttle.
The chilly morning meant a good warm up was nessacary and once some very colourful team photos had been taken it was on with the game. the match report pretty much says it all really:

Funds were raised, beer was drunk, dances were danced, fun was had - but brfore all that rugby was played, here is the report...

The Warriors travelled to Cardiff to play The top Welsh rugby forum, staged the game as a fundraiser for Marie Currie Cancer Research but were especially pleased to take the Warriors unbeaten record in the process.
The Warriors suffered a number of late withdrawals but after a good warm up they looked ready for business. The 1st half was a fairly brutal affair as the packs battled for supremacy. Captain Darren Pollitt led the Warriors with enthusiasm but it was Gwlad who got the edge and ground down their opponents. The Warriors rucking was again found wanting and they suffered a number of turnovers at the breakdown.
Dominating possession they camped in the Warriors half and the score seemed inevitable. Fittingly it was their outstanding play and ex schools cap Harris who made the breakthrough, the scrum half powering over from close range.
The dominance continued for most of the half and it was only desperate tackling with the Warriors back row of Lawson, Hughes and Lewis outstanding, that thwarted several attacks. This kept the Warriors in the game as Gwlad scored just once more before the break.
The 2nd half was a more open affair which consequently suited the Warriors backs. Despite often having poor ball they always looked dangerous. Fly half Jon Jones pulled the strings and centres Pegler and Jones consistently made inroads.
Although Gwlad scored next Pegler scored a long range effort to put the game back in the balance.
With Oliver prominent, two more Gwlad tries ended Warriors’ resistance as the game’s pace continued to be fast and furious. Quarterly and Thomond enjoyed their contest up front, Robbins scored with a trade mark burst whilst Donnelly not only scored a jinking solo effort but also slotted the only Gwlad conversion. The Warriors relied on the tackling of Ramcke and Talcon to stem the tide and the team got just reward when Jones streaked away for a try in the corner as the clock expired.
Despite the result it was a great experience for the Warriors to travel to Cardiff and help raise funds for such a worthy cause.

Llanelli Warriors: Curtis Ramcke, Joshua Crowther, Mathew Jones, Richard Pegler (Rob Eirwg*), Richard Evans, Jonathan Jones, Wayne Evans, Jason Bennett, Jason Jenkins, Colin Talcon, John Horwood, Darren Pollitt (Cpt), Nathan Lawson, Robert Hughes, Gwilym Lewis

Gwlad: Mike Thomas (Rob Eirwg*), Leon Clunk (Padraig O'Gazelle), Chris BTR Humphreys, Rory Jones, Kevin Robbins, JPR Morgan, Neil Harris, Chris Ofprop, Steve Postie, Dafydd Oliver (Gethin Pearson), Kelvin Dill (Stuart Beard), Osian Bigman, Tim Thomond, Nick Mate, Sean Quaterly (Cpt)

Warriors tries: Richard Pegler, Mathew Jones
Gwlad scorers: Neil Harris, Kevin Robbins, Donnelly (tries) Donnelly (conversion)
Warriors Man of the Match: Rob Hughes
* not 'Dai' as the press might have you beleive.

The Warriors defensive effort was pretty outstanding and really Gwlad should have scored some more points, there was even a Dean's moment of controversy when Robbins claimed he had been pulled back after scoring. Having said that, in Billo, Pegs and Ramcke the Warriors probaly had the most dangerous runners on the pitch.
The days Lewi strop then occured after the game when he thought he had lost his coat but it was soon over to the Halfway (via a sarnie with Gwlad and an oyster with XV De Lerdre) to join the more scantily clad supporters (who hardly lasted 5 minutes on the side of the field despite their 'blanky') for the 1st of the days beers.

A 'quick' trek accross town ('Come on Lewi, Come on Colin') to city hall (very very posh) and some more beers, food, complaints about paying for food, more beer and then one of the worst Welsh performances and one of the greatest Welsh wins in recent memory.

Despite Boycezone and Cor Meibion Dyffryn Aman it was far to libary like for the Warriors so it was on to the Phillamonic where Sharon led the dancing (and falling) in front of the big screen while the rest of the pub tried to watch France smash Ireland. Inevitably the Warriors took over the dance floor but the stripping was too much and when Wayne wasn't quick enough to get his clothes back on out went the Warriors.

Never mind on to the next bar - Sue limping along after her fall - where Lewi had to vouch that Neil parker wasn't as drunk as he looked for him to be allowed in. Then it was back to the bus, via the Welsh team bus, finally got that lookalikie ffoto of Killer and Jonathan thomas, hassled Stevo and watched Lee get caught in the bus door whilst he shouted at Jamie Roberts. Billo then tried to jump on the 2nd team bus where Robin McBryde was hurling abuse at the Warriors because he thought it MUST be going to Tumble - how close we were to the Warriors joining Andy Powell on a drunken golf buggy drive to the services we will never know!!!

Finally we got to our own bus for a sing song and a sleep before droppng everyone saftley home in Llanelli. Time for committee hard lads Gwil & Lee to catch a quick one before food. Despite almost crying when he left a sarnie in the city hall Lee also left his kebab untouched and spent most of the night/morning being ill.

so, same time next year folks?

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Betws 27 Llanelli Warriors 33 (Match 160)

The day started well when Lewi kicked off with quote of the day
Lee – so you’ve already had a pint then Lew
Lew – No! I’ve only had 2 halves
Went down from there tho. A petrol crisis saw the bus having to free wheel the hills of the Amman Valley (sorry Tim). Got to Betws and we just scrapped a XV thanks to Mike Minimi from Gwlad/Newport going back to get his kit but then Betws only managed 9 players so Rich hapus was despatched to Betws duty – somehow gaining the captaincy in the process.
Seth Jones was eventually prized away from the bar and looked resplendent in willies as he reffed the game with the same skill and knowledge as he plays it with.
As ever for Betws games Gwilym was given a hard time by Richie Griff & Cell in the Betws back row and Lee Rowlands played at 10 meaning he has now played 12 of the 13 positions in the team.
Big Al got injured 1st minute, Bloc followed although he did at least have the decency to score before hurting his toe, Lee also hurt his knee and so it was left to a small handful to carry on the good work. Jon Kerr edged Simon out for on field strop of the day, Rob Hughes led the playing and set a new record for all but missing a conversion. Darren Pretty Polly put in some excellent tackling and Nathan, Tony and Josh all did well in the backs. Jon Kerr developed a ‘if we’re defending I’m injured/if we might score I’m ok’ policy (due to a blister!!!), Will ‘Big Dadi’ Brown did well at hooker and even rucked sometimes while John Horwood ruled the line out.

Anyway the match report (official) is here:

Depleted Warriors hang on for victory

Despite both sides being ravaged by injuries and withdrawals both before and during the game Betws and the Llanelli Warriors served up a great appetiser for the game at Twickenham that followed.
Defying the boggy conditions underfoot both sides endeavoured to move the ball at every opportunity resulting in a fast game that left pulses racing.
The home side’s strength was its quick backline and they drew first blood when Mathew Rees went over but the Warriors forwards were in uncompromising mood and they came back when Jason Bennett went over for a score. Unfortunately Bennett injured his toe in the process and couldn’t continue. Betws hit back when good hands from Roberts and Underwood that saw veteran Mark Rewston score as the action moved from end to end. With Horwood and Talcon busy for the Warriors and Will Brown leading some effective rucking they made good yards up the field. Eventually Warriors outstanding No 8 Rob Hughes broke clear to score under the posts and quickly converted to give the Warriors a lead that held to the break.
Both sides had plenty of opportunity in the second half, Pollitt and Lawson put in some big hits for the Warriors and whilst Gwilym Lewis probably edged his scrum half battle with Owen Williams it was despite great pressure for Betws back row tear-aways; Cellan Davies and Richard Griffiths.
Losing the effective running of Alun Stephens and Lee Rowlands didn’t help the Warriors cause and Rhys Williams rammed home the Betws dominance of this period with a classy effort. Mathew Rees got a second try but let himself down with some poor options that should have resulted in team scores. Let off the hook the Warriors hit back, Mike Minimi made the hard yards before Tony Whittaker capped some strong running with a deserved try. A Jon Kerr conversion left the Warriors 7 points clear but a rash decision to go for a penalty when time was up turned disastrous when Betws stormed up field and Rees touched down under the posts.
Rees stepped up to take the conversion but in a personal performance which despite a hatrick could only best be described as mixed he fluffed the conversion leaving the Warriors to claim victory by the slightest of margins.

Betws: Gareth Underwood, Mathew Rees, Rhys Williams, Richard Evans, Colin Talcon, Owen Williams, Cellan Davies, Paul Roberts, Mark Rewston, Gareth Lewis,

Llanelli Warriors: Joshua Crowther, Tony Whittaker, Alun Stephens, Nathan Lawson, Darren Pollitt, Lee Rowlands, Gwilym Lewis, Jason Bennett, Colin Talcon, Richard Evans, John Horwood, Mike Minimi , Simon Jenkins (Cpt), Robert Hughes, Jonathan kerr

Ref: Seth Jones

Warriors tries: Jason Bennett, Rob Hughes, Tony Whittaker, Simon Jenkins, Joshua Crowther
Conversions: Rob Hughes, Tony Whittaker, Jonathan Kerr, Simon Jenkins
Betws tries: Mathew Rees (3), Rhys Williams, Mark Rewston
Conversion: Mathew Rees

Man of the Match: Joshua Crowther

After the game there was some debate over the score. Betws & Seth had Warriors 29, Betws 27, Warriors claimed 33 points and Lewi had Warriors 33 Betws 12! Anyway we’re writing the history so we’ll go for OUR score. Joshua Crowther also scored a try and was named Man of the Match.

After match as well as the national disaster of Wales losing to e**land (who’d have thought it was illegal to kick e**lish people) The Warriors descended into a bit of Jeremy Kyle, just for the record I don’t care who is calling who names over which girlfriend and its not my job to tell you when food is on. Lewis put in for top strop but it was close with Kerr, Will and Simon all having a shot. Dion bach won kiss catch (LEWI!!!! called him a 'dirty old man') and eventually we all got through the wilds of Llanedi home safe to Llanelli!

Photos are HERE on the main site

New Dock Stars 29 Llanelli Warriors 43 (Match 159)

The Warriors defended the Dai Spriggs memorial Cup against New Dock Stars on boxing day in a fine advert for the game of rugby.

Well touch rugby actually but what with one side of the field water logged and the other frozen there wasn't much choice. Even then the pitch had to be anrrowed but at least the game went ahead.

There were plenty of mistakes on both sides but also some good handling for the crowd to admire.

Joshau Crowther, Nathan Lawson (Darren Pollitt), Curtis Ramcke, Jamie Evans, Jonathan Jones, Gwilym Lewis, Jason Bloc Bennett, Jason Jenkins, Adrian Williams (Colin Talcon), John Horwood, Will Brown, Simon Jenkins, Rob Hughes, Jonathan Kerr,

Tries: Simon Jenkins (2), Richard Evans (2), Tony Whittaker, Jonathan Kerr, Curtis Ramcke
Conversions: Kerr (2) Jenkins

Jamie Shed made a third apperance some 10 years after his debut in Betws and poor Juice suffered at the hands of his usual team mates, everyone felt the cold but it was a lot of fun if not too serious.
After the match it was the big build up to the Scarlets Ospreys game over the road. Rich Evans was named Seren y Gem but was crap at the 1/2 yard of ale! By this time some Warriorettes had even turned up. There are a few photos here on the main site.

Hendy 35 Llanelli Warriors 50 (Match 158)

A late start to the season and a poor memory from the Warriors present.

Curtis had an awesome debut, Jon Kerr retained the Captaincy and the Warriors won, not being there that is about as much as I can gather. Block tells me the boys played well and Parker reckons they took it quite seriously. he also told me they went into a big lead, no, wait a minute, they scored 1st then we scored and ... then we kind of....pulled ahead of them a bit...I think (Cheers Neil)

New boy Curtis at least had some info for me:
anthony randall 2
calvin 3
billo 1
parker 1
robert hughes 1
jonny 1nathan lawson 1
great performances all round, all the boys played well hendy gave a great game. (tbh i dont know how many they scored and if u wait for neil to tell u the match review u will wait along time lol) maybe you could put all this crap into your own words
(starting 15)
curtis ramcke
anthony randall
mathew billo jones
darren pollitt
richard evans
nathan lawson
neil parker
big alan stevens
jason bloc bennett
jonathan killer kerr
robert hughes
simon jenkins
luke messeggero
will brownmini
gav? dno his name i remember his jumper lol
(subs)liam carpenter
david carpenter
colin talcon
(unknown surname ginger hair shaved plays prop)

Thats what I have to work with!!!!

Block mananged to get the Hendy details:
15, iwan thomas (80 yard solo try)
14, josh batcup (jnr, try)
13, c evans.
12,andrew dowd.
11,rob james.
10, marc tiplady.
9, scott cullen(try).
1, dai davies(try).
2, sam parkhouse(try)
3,chris antoniazzi.
4, jason hodges.
5,aled fowler.
6,chris williams.
7,anthony gwenter (capt, try).
8, tomos fowler (jnr, try).

so make of that what you will, anyway a good win for the Warriors