Friday, November 23, 2007

New Dock Stars 44 v Llanelli Warriors 46 (Match 139)

A good, if wet day at New Dock. Played before the Wales v South Africa match the Warriors managed to triumph a rather frantic and frenetic match in which 90 points were scored. There is a bit of editing to go on the report but heres the excluisive preview...

Match report
The Warriors edged this high scoring but scrappy affair by just 2 points to continue their unbeaten run.
The game was played in poor conditions with a constant drizzle having a detrimental effect on handling. This was a shame as both sides attempted to run the ball throughout the match. Whilst the game was scrappy there was plenty to keep spectators entertained and both sides crossed for good tries. Dock were 1st out of the blocks, their team had everything with an age range of 17 – 57 and they combined these elements to good effect.
The Warriors took a little while to get going but once Lee Rowlands had put them on the board the tries came thick and fast for both sides.For New Dock there were big performances from Baxter and former Swansea no 8 Dai Hunter and their tries came from Scott Hanford with two, Jones, Morgan, Adrians, Richards, Matthews and Hanford. Luke Edwards capped a fine game with 3 conversions. The Warriors managed to edge it though, Darren Pollitt and Roger Thomas did well defensively whilst their scores came from Captain Tony Whittaker (2 tries and two conversions), Jon Kerr (2 tries and a conversion), Gwilym Lewis, Alan Stephens and Dai Edward who rounded off a superb move next to the posts.
Played in an excellent spirit there were plenty of individuals who did well referee Dennis Davey chose Jason Jenkins as man of the match and both sides will be looking forward to the rematch on boxing day.
Llanelli Warriors: Lee Rowlands (Jon Jones), Richard Evans, Alan Stephens, Tony Whittaker, Andrew John, Lee Barber, Jason Bennett, Jason Jenkins, Dai Edwards, Roger Thomas, Darren Pollitt, Jon Kerr, Gwilym Lewis, Chris Spriggs.

It was a good day for the Warriors; New Dock contigent with Jason, Juice and Chrisp all enjoying the match, (shame Simon Jenkins didn't turn up). Rich Hapus, Colin Talcon, Lee Rowlands and Juice each shared a half for New Dock.

Darren Petticoat managed to complete an excellent tackle and Bloc deserves a mention for his stroming runs and piggy back rides. Try of the day though was definatley Dai Ed who showed what good support play is and crossed near the posts. Lee Barabra and Gwilym Lulu seemed to form a good understanding at the base of the scrum and they will look forward to continuing this next time they play together (2010).
In the bar afterwards Jason was named man of the match whilst, despite impending fatherhood Gwilym was one of the last to leave as the team flitted away into the night. The rematch is set for Boxing day.

Out of the shadows...

Gwil worries they are too rough with bloc


Andrew John breaks through

Bloc has a lie down

New Dock score

Rekown rugby offical Lewis Jones

Kick out & chase

don't rush Bloc, we've already won the ball

Roger Murphy - Officially the slowest Warriors

The balls over here!!

Come on Parker - take some photos from somewhere else!

Not further under the stand!!!

Warriors - Knackered

Dai Hunter tacks on whole Warriors pack at ruck

Dynamic contest at line out

Half time (traitor pic #1: Juice)

Half time fag

Louie - wet behind the ears

Big Al (slow), Lee Barbara (medium) and Chrisp (fast (ish) )

Lee the mole - knackered

Traitor pic #2 Rich Hapus

Traitor pic #3: a quickly recovered Lee Mole

Warriors putting on the pressure

Rich Hapus gets NDS out of trouble
Andrew John enjoys a lie down courtesy of Lee the Mole

Darren on a break (look out here comes Rich)

How many kness have Mole and Hapus left you with Darren??

2 Guns on the juice

Lee Barber improves his photo/game ratio even further

Jason with seren y gem pint

Jason with Seren y gem speech

Louie laughs at Neil's silly hat/glasses/big ears combo!!!

Lee & Gwil assume skinny Louie is weak with hunger

he uses those eyes to make important rugby decisions mind!

Only happy at someone elses misery

Darren stabs Huw in the eyes

Louie checks up Al's misdemeanours for the day

Jas is happy

Ear you are

how many good photos did you take neil?

Big muscular center seeks caring lady for friendship, rugby matches...
Darren looking worries (Wales playing)
Huw's drink was too hot for him
Getting ahead for the Ospreys

Dai Ed looks away
Lulu and Killer argue

How many winners have you picked Louie

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Llanelli Warriors 19 Swansea Gladiators 5 (Match 138)

Evie Rowlands shows her Fathers understanding of the game
The game was a blur
Gladiators win lineout (Jump mun John!)
Warriors Legend Steve Walley checks out the latest crop of players
Bring your own stand
Gladiators break up the right (Run Tony!!!)

Gladiators score
too fast for fotos
Warriors ball from the scrum
The main rugby player in the Rowlands household

Gladiators set to clear lines after Sheep awards dodgy free kick (#1)
"just cos I've got hair like Chabal, I don't want to sub!"
Rugby players soaring into the air at a line out...
...and dynamically powering over rucks
Killer kicks the final points of the match

Match report

The Llanelli Warriors continued their impressive start to the season and have now extended their unbeaten run from last season to 14 matches. The latest triumph was perhaps one of the sweetest as they claimed the Dai Spriggs Memorial Shield from their old rivals the Swansea Gladiators.
As ever it was a close match between two evenly matched teams. Both sides defended bravely and it was obvious from the early stages that opportunities would need to be taken.
The Gladiators produced much of the early pressure but with the likes of dai Edwards and Richard Evans tackling anything that moved, the Warriors line held firm.
Although their forays into the opposition 22 were rarer the warriors made the most of it when Dean Gilasbey crossed following good approach work from Simon Jenkins. Captain Tony Whittaker smartly banged over the conversion for a 7-0 lead that lasted into the second half.
The Gladiators hit back with a sweeping move up the right flank, for once the Warriors tackling was fund wanting but fortunately the wide angle proved too difficult for the conversion.
New blood such as Martin Smith and the Carpenter twins Liam and David had a positive effect on the Warriors performance but it was another old stager, Alan Stephens, to power over and extend the Warriors lead.
Again this was somewhat against the run of play and the Gladiators, dominating the line outs and aided by Warrior indiscipline, soon pushed back up field. Pushing for the score that might have brought them level it was a nervous time for the Warriors. However, when it seemed the Gladiators pressure was likely to pay off scrum half Gilasbey again found a gap and somehow managed to avoid tacklers as he scampered the length of the field. Jon Kerr hammered in the final nail with the conversion which made the game safe.
Both sides should be proud of their performances in this exciting game which kept the crowd entertained with plenty of skill and commitment shown throughout.
Llanelli Warriors: Alan Taylor, David Carpenter (Liam Carpenter), Neil Parker, Alan Stephens, Richard Evans (Darren Petticot), Stuart Taylor, Dean Gilasbey, David Edwards (Meredith Pugh), Jason Jenkins, James Dew (Martin Smith), John Horwood (Roger Thomas), Tony Whittaker (Cpt), Jon Kerr, Simon Jenkins, Chris Spriggs (Gwilym Lewis)
Tries: Dean Gilasbey (2), Alan Stephens
Conversions: Tony Whittaker, Jon Kerr

14 matches unbeaten, thank goodness Deano managed to get back from Swansea! (even if James Dew wanted his try to be described as 'fell over from a yard'). A couple more useful debuts and another fine performance from the Carpenter twins. Also seen getting stuck in were Dai Ed, Rich Hapus, Jumpin' John and Crisp. If only 'too late' Tony would follow their example we might have nilled the opposition.
To be fair the game was played in a good spirit on the field and the Warriors did well to win. It was lucky everyone got on as the after match stuff in the Cambrian certainly saw everyone going toe to toe in the bar although the only contest was to try and get some food.

Thanks to Josie for the photos.