Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Betws 18 Llanelli Warriors 28 (Match 121)

Programme cover with photo from previous year

Big Al having sly pint before the game whilst waiting for an opposition team to turn up

Dean & Colin pose for photo instead of warming up

Louie surveys the scene

Warriors lineout: Rich Hapus struggles with throw in but John manages to win ball against 5'5 Owen Willimas, Richie griff however is more worried about hammering Gwilym

drop out 22

early lineout

Richie's puppet Cellan fell to the floor

scrums roundabout

Simon kicks for goal

Gwilym on the floor: not the 1st or the last time

Warriors XV that triumphed at Betws: bk row; Tony Whittaker, Darren Pimp, Lee Rowlands, Roger Thomas (Cpt), Jason Bennett, Gwilym Lewis, Dean Gilasbey, Alan Stephens, Dai Newson (Chairman). Frt row; Jon Kerr, Simon Jenkins, Richard Evans, Chris Bonar, David Edwards, John Horwood, Colin Talcon.

Talcon settles down to watch the Scarlets

Jumpin' relaxs

Louie sleeps

The Warriorettes avin a laff (Tracey, Leslie and Zoe)

Bonar and brawd: Nick Price

Bonar trying to wake Pancho up

Pancho surrenders

Chris offers a shoulder

and plenty of advice (having been in that state himself far too often)

A good day in betws despite both sides being short on numbers. The Warriors at least had a full XV and some decent excuses with Jason and Sheep: injured, Fotos: nearly a dad (since turned out a healthy boy,congrats) and parker, Billo and Andrew: twickers to see the Scarlets. Betws managed 10 or so (inc Richie Griff who was do to make his 15th Warriors apperance) with excuses mainly being: shagged out (Thomas brothers). 'I just couldn't move' (Iestyn Griff and bad knee (Iestyn Wills). So it eventually turned out a game of about 13 aside (see after match report). To be fair the 1sts had had a busy day at St Clears the day before and the 2nds had contriversally been knocked out of the cup by local rivals Penybanc.
Match report

The Llanelli Warriors racked up another win on the road when they came out top in this free flowing encounter with Betws. Both sides were missing key players but instead of playing safe caution was thrown to the wind with the game played at a frantic pace throughout.
As expected Warriors scrum half Gwilym Lewis came in for some close marking from his ‘home’ club, especially the front row of Cellan Davies, Richard Griffiths and Chris Bonar, who piled through at every opportunity.
Simon Jenkins took it upon himself to relive the pressure and he opened the scoring with a typical thrust. The Betws backs seemed to have the edge in the early exchanges with Fred Morris and Owen Williams looking dangerous. Cellan Harris though bagged their 1st points with a drop goal.
The ball was spread wide at every opportunity which suited players like Gareth Lewis and Lee Moulton (Betws) and their opposite numbers Tony Whittaker and Dai Edwards. They each gave everything in attack and defence and tended to cancel each other out in an even contest.
In the second half Anthony O’Neil had a major influence once he had returned from a yellow card. He scored two neat tries and kept Betws in the game. They needed them as the Warriors, working off center Lee Rowlands started to take the upper hand. Alan Stephens scored from a rampage down the left flank and he was quickly followed by Dean Gilasbey after some excellent hands in mid field. These tries were converted by Jenkins and Tony Whittaker to put the Warriors ahead but Colin Talcon helped inspire a Betws fight back. Following his lead Paul Jones, Phil Saunders and Rhys Griffiths all had their moments as they pounded the Warriors line but stout work from Richard Evans and Jason Bennett kept them at bay. The final nail came when flanker Darren Pimp created enough room for Jon Kerr to scorch over for the Warriors. Jenkins second conversion put the final seal on an entertaining performance from the Llanelli team.
Llanelli Warriors: Tony Whittaker, David Edwards, Lee Rowlands, Alan Stephens, N. O. One, Dean Gilasbey, Gwilym Lewis, Colin Talcon (Chris Bonar), Richard Evans, Jason Bennett, John Horwood (Jon Kerr), Roger Thomas (Cpt), N. eb, Simon Jenkins, Darren Pimp.
Betws: Gareth Lewis, Lee Moulton, Rhys Griffiths, Freddie Morris, N. O. One, Phil Saunders, Anthony O'Neil, Jon Kerr(John Horwood), Chris Bonar (Colin Talcon), Richard Griffiths, Cellan Davies, Cellan Harris, Owen Williams, Paul Jones
Man of the match: Colin Talcon
Tries: Jenkins, Kerr, Gilasbey, Stephens.
Conversion: Jenkins (2), Whittaker
Ref: Steve Dobbin O'Neil
Notable incidents mainly revolved around Gwilym getting hammereed everytime he got near the ball, Richie Griff "Doing a number on Colin Talcon" in the scrums, Cellan Harris' awful drop goal, Dobbin Jnr getting yellow carded again (see Penybanc) and Killer losing his shorts. Colin was named man of the match but tackle of the day must have been Roger catching Richie 'twinkle toes' Griffiths. The match actually turned out to be a very enjoyable run out for those who made it.
After the match itself it was into the club to watch the Scarlets in the Powergen cup final and very disapointing it was, although gwilym (again) had the compensation of claiming 'last to score' money. The Warriorettes obviously enjoyed their day out and Chris Bonar allegedly found (another) long lost brother in Nick Price and was kind enough to pass on his expertise on being hammered to a very 'affected' Alan Pancho.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Llanelli Warriors 17 Scarletfever 14 (match 120)

Programme cover: Warriors in Penybanc and 'elder statesman' Scarletman in training

A very enjoyable match aginst the Scarletfever web site. There are about 1000 photos (give or take) so the match report is 1st. The report appeared (editied version) in the star which is at the bottom of this entry if you get that far!! Plenty of reaction on the Scarlet fever Blog (scroll down) and on the forum itself. The general after match reaction was something the Warriors hadn't encountereed before: the opposition chuffed with their performance (quite rightly) and gaining much of the plaudits. This is a sign of how far the Warriors have come and how much of a reputation they have built up. There were plenty of on field incidents with BOTH sides having tries disallowed (correctly) but how come there are no pics of Twls throwing up (right where the Scarlets train). Luckily he had got most of it up ealier in Mcy-Ds drive through.
Thanks to everyone who supported the day, Dobbin and Louie for officiating and the Cambrian where for once it was possible to just have a couple of quiet pints and go home without being dragged into another huge sesh.
Match report

The Warriors staged an interesting fixture on the weekend when they took on a team made up from members of the scarletfever internet forum. The forum is a site for scarlet fans worldwide and boasts almost 3000 members. The side was representative of the forum in that it had a strong Llanelli base but had players from over 50 miles away featuring. It was a chance for members to meet up and support the Warriors at the same time. Training sessions had been held for many months and warm spring sunshine greeted the team as they stopped talking about rugby and started to play.
In fact despite the fact they hadn’t played together before it was Scarletfever who started of the stronger. A physically big team they took the initiative up front and dominated opening exchanges. The Warriors were the team who looked a little lost and Scarletfever took full advantage with Ben Phillips getting just reward for their early good work. A neat try Mike John improved it and the computer boys were in front.
As they settled the Warriors did put some moves together and often broke the first line of defence but good work from scarletfever quickly snuffed out any threat. The Warriors, through Gary James used the strong wind to gain territory and attacked the scarletfever line with several blindside moves. These came to nothing however and it seemed the danger had passed when fever won a scrum. However a mix up at half back and pressure from the Warriors saw Gwilym Lewis stealing the ball behind the line and only having to fall to claim the try, Tony Whittaker drew the score level with the conversion.
Both sides were guilty of not spreading the ball although the strong wind didn’t help the passing game but there was plenty happening up front. Rucks and mauls were strongly contested and both sides put in some big hits. The Warriors went into the lead when Whittaker beautifully kicked a penalty and despite plenty of endeavour from both sides that’s how the score remained until half time.
The second half saw much of the same attacking rugby although the Warriors did look to play a little wider chasing into the wind. Warriors center Andrew John had a battle royal with his brother Mike playing stand off for fever. A high elbow didn’t curb Michael’s enthusiasm and he had the last laugh when he danced out of a couple of tackles and raced to the try line. He also added the conversion putting his side in front again.
The Warriors were beginning to find holes out wide with James Howells and Alan Taylor proving a handful for the fever defence. The Fever defence was stretched on a number of occasions and No8 Alan Stephens burst over only to be held up over the line. The score was inevitable though. Neil Parker was the man after play had switched right and left from a scrum. His direct running got the score and Jon Kerr added the conversion to nudge the Warriors in front. The final 10 minutes saw plenty of incidents as the scarletfever team threw everything into attack. The Warriors though were just as desperate to hold their ground record. The Warriors had to endure a nervous ending but eventually time ran out for the scarletfever team and the Warriors were happy to see the ball off the park.
A great day for both sides the Warriors were more than impressed with the scarletfevers first outing. They dominated lineouts and had enough skill behind to make it a win the Warriors will saviour.

Llanelli Warriors: James Davies (Rob Roberts), James Howells (Alan Taylor), Neil Parker, Andrew John, Tony Whittaker (Lee Rowlands), Dean Gilasbey, Gary James (Mathew Jones), Gareth McKibbon (Richard Evans), Jason Bennett (Kevin Procter), Colin Talcon (Meredith Pugh), John Horwood (Jon Kerr), Roger Thomas (Cpt), Chris Spriggs, Alan Stephens, Gwilym Lewis

Here come the pics (are you sitting comftably)

Al Taylor and Gary Shed finally turn up (and have to brave the gauntlet of the Fever's passionate support)

Louie striding about the place like he owns it (what do you mean he does)

The enemy

Kick off

early line out (thanks to Fozzie for these pics)

haring up field

early pressure from the Warriors as the team throw everything into attack (except Tony)

Ref disallows perfectly good Warriors try (cum on ref, open yur eyes etc)

strolling over for scrum

Not fair - attacking when Sheds not looking

conceeded score

hammering away at the line (again)

Got the score

Jason Bloc - one man maul

Gwilym gets ahead

Deano hobbles around the scrum

Shed puts in another big touch finder

ariel battle

Pile in then!

James struggles to balance on the pitch, but where is scarletboy going?!!?

Speedy ducks away

Penalty Warriors (Good decision, every time refferee etc etc)

Tony Wheredyatakeher slots the points

Meredith gets a good view of Al on the charge

Parker! Running!

On yer knees - Bloc tries to see things from Speedy's point of view

Gwilym mincing about the field again

Possible high tackle (see later photos for more of Andre(w) the giant picking on people not his own size

I know its a friendly, but all this hugging!

Not so friendly - ChriSp looking mean: Grrrrr

Trying to go forward

Half time (phew)

Chris tries to spot danger on the horizon

Warriors dejected after conceeding another score

back on the attack, Billo spins it out

A Sheep surge

Good support (keep up Twls)

One in - all in (heave!)

All fall down

Taylor like a speeding bullet (across field)

Lee the Mole getting stuck in

Wizard magics his way through a gap (sori but someone had too)

Twls takes it on

Andrew still bullying Speedy

Warriors ecstatic with 2nd score

Killer Kicks

Gwilym shouting at people

Spriggs trying to bite Big Ian's ankles

Colin Talcon adds his weight

Warriors go wide
fever cover it
Billo swings it out (no wonder he won a dance off in Tom Pepps the next time he was out)
Warriors athletes in action
Fever secure ball under pressure
it's all over
Tunnel of love
Blimey, whose that tall kid, can he play!

Right, now the good photos,
more of which (you want more?!) can be seen at Photosports Wales

Oh, please don't tackle me!

Big Al sets up good ball

Gwil goes for a burrow

Good squeeeeese ball

In comes Deano

Needs Lulu's help

Chase is on

Tony gets back to make sure

Parker does his come to bed eyes

Scarletboy gives Lulu a (High) cwtch

Not sure if this is Tai chi or musical statues

Big Iain vs Chris Spriggs

Just about

"Hang on Spriggsy, Spriggsy hang on!"

Pantomine horse auditions

Note from 3rd Official. Due to the magnitude of the match and controversey (whinging) concerning a possible disallowed try we have had a look at replays. As you can see the evidence is indisputable - both feet were definatley in touch. We hope that this will clear things up and that Dobbin will now be able to walk the streets of Llanelli safe from attacks relating to this incident. Surley the fact he is an Osprey fan is reason enough to have a go at him anyway!

Unlucky Tyla

Is there a gap there?


Andrew John looking 7' tall

Fee Fi Foe Fum!

Seeing if Speedy's head is a screw top!

Shed, Lulu and Green secure ball

Parker does his best Wayne Procter impression

That'll teach you to outrun your support

Bloc Blocks

Double trouble

Cracking move Fotos, but take the ball with you next time!

Wizard looks around anxiously

Not suprising as Dean comes in to Tango

Come dancing champions (llanelli regionals)

Al pulls 3 in

and offloads (yes Al offloads!!)

Not sure Meredith is pleased tho'


Deano gets the tackle in

and jumpin' plays pattercake

Shed gives Iain the ball

Louie hands out advice

Sheep attack

Speedy doubles his height(and still isn't tall enough)

The long arm of the Sheep

Isolated (oops...didn't see Speedy there)

John Jnr heads for the line

Sheep to beat

made it

Sheep going forward

Andrew John at full throttle

OH - don't put your head there Sheep - you'll hurt yourself

Fotos with the ball this time

green takes it on

so fast he scorched half that blokes hair off!!!

No way through!

report from Llanelli Star