Monday, March 31, 2008

Llanelli Warriors 31 Duke of Wellington 24 (Match 144)

everyone rivetted by Gwilym's team talk

Juice practises his usual tackling position

Warriors scrum holds up to pressure - fat lot of good that will do with Gwil at scrum half!

All juice's friends run back to help him

Bloc tries to just stare down Duke lineout ball

Duke score 1sts try

Gwil desperatley looks for reinforcements

BIG Al puts his shirt on

Josh gets a good view of the Warriors disco dancing

1/2 time chit chat

going up

Big Lee leaping like a salmon much to the joy of his team mates

"did you fall over or something"

Rich Hapus deleighted that his birthday has been recognised

Bk row: Gary James, Jason 'Bloc' Bennet, Roger 'Murphy' Thomas, Richard 'Hapus' Evans, Gwilym 'Lulu' Lewis, David Carpenter, 'Jumping' John Horwood, 'Big Alun Stephens, Lee Rowlands, James 'Tew' Howells, Dean Gilasbey, Martin Smith, Joshua Crowther, Lewis Jones.
Frt row: Chris 'Claw' Spriggs, Dai 'Posh' Edwards, Jonathan 'Killer' Kerr, Tians Gilasbey, Tony Whittaker (Cpt), Dion Mitchell-Lewis, Jason Jenkins, Colin Talcon.

Shed the ref: off the pace again

Lewis duo falling behind in Father/Son race

Josh & Dion

Big Al asks James how he manages on such thin legs
The Warriors managed to return to winning ways but it took all of their endeavour to overcome the competitive Duke of Wellington XV.
The Warriors welcomed back prop Dai Edwards, wing David Carpenter and No 8 Simon Jenkins whilst the Duke XV featured a range of ability from ex Llanelli players to veteran bar flies.
It was the Duke XV who made the early running though and they exploited some powder puff defence to score two early tries, much to the delight of the crowd.
With Andrew Rees running strongly in the centre and his son doing well on the wing the Warriors were struggling to get into the game.
Eventually bustling centre Martin Smith took matters into his own hands with a blockbusting run to the line. This injected new life into the Warriors side and prop Jason Bennett continued his recent run with another side stepping try near the posts.
If the Warriors thought they had calmed the storm they were mistaken as the Wellington hit back to ensure they were ahead at the break.
The game was highly competitive with Justin Hughes and Jon ‘Killer’ Kerr putting in some big hits for their respective sides. Richard Evans had an effective game at prop for the Wellington while Ashley did well for them in mid field. For the Warriors Chris Spriggs showed up well with some outrageous dummies and Alun Stephens ran with purpose throughout.
Smith again got the Warriors going when he made a try for Kerr but again the Wellington XV got ahead with their 4th try of the match. The Warriors haven’t lost at Stradey park for over 12 months and they redoubled efforts to secure the win. Live wire flanker Alan Taylor and flying wing James Howells did well to set up the position for Simon Jenkins to mark his come back with a try. With both sides having managed two conversions apiece the scores were deadlocked as the team entered the final quarter and there was no telling which way the result would go. In the end the Warriors needed a bit of luck, with a debate going on about how to take a penalty on the 22, Warriors fly half Jon Jones tapped and went – winding his way to the line and taking the Warriors to victory. Jenkins kicked the conversion and having finally got in front the Warriors managed to hold on a secure the win and keep their home record intact.
Warriors XV: Tony Whittaker (Cpt), Joshua Crowther (Alun Stephens), Martin Smith, Dean Gilasbey, James Howells (David Carpenter, Darren Petticot), Jon Jones, Gwilym Lewis, Richard Evans (Colin Talcon), Jason Jenkins, Jason Bennett, John Horwood, Roger Thomas (Alan Taylor), Jon Kerr, Simon Jenkins, Chris Spriggs.
A sunny day at Stradey and a fine match against the Duke of Wellington (Pub) with only the slight hitch that Shed had to ref. The Duke XV included former Llanelli and sometime Warriors duo Big Lee Williams and Justin 'Bully' Hughes while the Warriros welcomed the non apperance of a very hung over Lee Rowlands.
It was another tight match but the Warriors managed to score most points and found a decent bit of mud to dump Richard in so it was all good.
Back at the Duke (once everyone had found it and parked) there was some top grub and the chance to watch Talcon on the pull, he was last seen giving his number to the bar maid and setteling into the corner of the bar....;)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Swansea University Freshers 24 Llanelli Warriors 20 (Match 143)

In this photo: Andy, Rhys, Ben BJ, James, Conan, Pieface, Tom, Jack, Tucker, Theo, George, Luke, Dan, Hoover, Dexter, Gwilym, James tew, Bloc, Lee the Mole, Dion, Rich hapus, Colin, Daeno, Tony wheredyertaker, Petticoat, Nathan, Josh, Killer, Big Al, Jumpin' John, Andrew John, 2 Guns, Kerry O'Sullivan and more...

So despite James Tew using his weight on the wing, Bloc jinking about for his tries and Big Al making several breaks - sometimes with the ball, the Warriors 18 match unbeaten run, stretching back to a 0 - 7 loss to Dyfed Steel, to a time when Tony Blair was Prime Minister and petrol was less than £1 a litre, came to an end.

Considering it was the day after Wales secured a triple crown and e**land lost to Scotland it was a very quick match but then the Freshers XV are all younger than all but 2 of the Warriors (well, when Gwilyms not playing for them).
They were also able to keep the pace up because they had about 30 players this time instead of the 6 that turned up last time. Even Hoover turned up again (perhaps he’d heard Simon was injured) though Conan had “pulled a hamstring”.
Typically for the Warriors they were probably weaker for this 2nd visit with babysitting, trench digging and “Mam won’t let me play” among the excuses.

The Warriors should be pretty pleased with their performance despite the result. A number of players did well out of position and the whole team showed they could play. The forwards even eventually did some rucking whilst Gwilym was pleased with the chance to wish Jack a happy birthday during early exchanges. It was nice for the Warriors front row to actually face opponents about the same size but what James Tew made of having to face Tucker on the wing goodness knows.
Seren y Gem was shared between props Rich Hapus and Colin who both showed plenty of appetite with their excellent pick and drives.
It wasn’t all good though with Gwilym cross kick and big Al’s ‘nice break – wheres the ball’ emerging from a crowded field as skills of the day.
Those who made it to the Pub on the Pond for France v Italy were ‘treated’ to Whittaker’s speech, some crap rugby (same again next week please France) and the 1st match programme of the season (still available if anyone wants one).
Hopefully there will be a rematch later in the season back at Stradey to look forward to but until then we’ll just have to make do with a Grand Slam/Championship decider next weekend.


After months and 18 matches the Warriors impressive unbeaten run finally came to an end in Swansea University.
The Warriors were missing some key players but the Students were good value for their win, their large squad having a distinctly experimental look about it.
With both sides committed to running rugby and excellent conditions the match was played at a hectic pace. It was the Warriors secured an early lead, flanker Gwilym Lewis put a big hit in on Swansea prop Jack Sirett and from the resulting pressure they won a penalty which Captain Tony Whittaker stepped up to bang over.
Swansea though, looked threatening from the off and swept up field at regular intervals.
Despite some good defensive work from Crowther and Howells on the wings the scores had an air of inevitability about them. They scored to tries through Dan Geare and Stephens both off flowing movements.
It looked as though the Warriors might be buried at this stage but Dean Gilasbey pushed the Warriors forward with some big box kicks which were well chased to force a foothold in University territory. Eventually number 8 Jason Bennett stepped through a tackle and forced his way over for a try Kerr improved. The momentum didn’t stay with the Warriors for long though and Aaron Lee streaked away for another student score before half time.
The University had the benefit of plenty of fresh legs and were able to introduce the likes of the fleet footed Joe Tucker on the wing and big George York up front.
The Warriors though kept plugging away. Andy Green proved a good value signing causing plenty of problems in mid field with co center Alan Stephens whilst up front Rich Evans carried on where fellow prop Colin Talcon had left off and they eventually shared the Man of the Match award.
The University extended their lead though when James Gregory managed to just beat the cover to go under the posts.
Again the Warriors needed to step up to stay in touch and some excellent off loading in the tackle and pick and drive. They made good progress up the field and it was that man Bennett who again drove over.
The University couldn’t capitalise on Ben West's pin point drop out and again the Warriors battered their way up field forcing a scrum 5. Scrum half Dexter Robinson was pressurised into a mistake and Gwilym Lewis pounced for a classic poachers score.
Both sides looked to land the killer blow in the final minutes and play flashed up and down the field but with the odd pass going astray and some determined defence neither side could add to their score.
The Warriors will be hoping to win the rematch later in the year whilst the next challenge for the Swansea Freshers is their varsity match against Cardiff at Llanrumney in April.

Warriors: Tony Whittaker (Cpt), James Howells, Alan Stephens, Andy Green, Joshua Crowther, Andrew john, Dean Gilasbey, Colin Talcon (Richard Evans), Jason Jenkins, Nathan David (Lee Rowlands), Darren Pollitt, John Horwood, Jon Kerr, Jason Bennett, Gwilym Lewis.

Freshers: Pieface, Hoover, Luke, Steve, Rhys, Tom, Dan, Jonny, BJ, Theo, Greggs, Trevor, Jack, George,

Warriors scores:

Tries: Jason Bennett (2) Gwilym Lewis

Conversion: Jon Kerr

Penalty: Tony Whittaker

Ref: Kerry O'Sullivan/Tom Wallis

Killer gives Jack his best hard stare before the start

Everyone ready so the ref checks the balls

Upside down Jas

Andy takes it up

Warriors win ruck!

Colin enjoying the 2nd half sunshine

ref & flanker enjoy gentle stroll

Big Al gets Josh into position


Gwilym Lulu almost too fast for camera shocker!!!

Freshers - a bunch of arses

twinkle toed Bloc goes over for his 2nd

take your time Tony - your gonna miss anyway

Jack gently strokes Deans hair as Andy recoils in shock

James Tew using his weight to burst through

Dean '1 bounce or 2' Gilasbey fires out another pass

Andrew John on the break

Bloc about to double the weight of the Warriors scrum

boys needing a sit down

twist again Kerr slots the extras from Gwilym's 50m try

Lee mole & Big Al search for their contact lense

Leaping like a salmon while Jason checks the ball

Rising up: Jumpin' John Horwood in acton

Killer lies down to watch Swansea Morris dancing formation

Dion ML cleans up

er...Col, you do know we lost don't you??


so wahts that your looking at there deano?

win or lose - on the booze

Josh contemplates what might have been

Captain Tony overcome with emotion

You'd think students wouldn't have trouble reading

Petticoat rocks

Marks out of 10 for dad's performance

Ser y gem/men of the match

Lulu tries to work out how he can talk up his try

Tony's speech time

Drinks for the Man of the Match - Rich hapus and Colin T

Swansea's finest!

Nathan, Tony & Josh commitee meeting

Colin kicks back

2 guns ready for the next pub


Killer Kerr

and Josh -lets go!