Monday, May 22, 2006

Llanelli Warriors 17 Cambrian Select 12 (match 122)

A great way to finish off the season - with a swimming lesson. Whilst the sun shone miraculously throughout play, the earlier deluge left it's mark with various swimming pool sized puddles all over Stradey 3. The Cambrian XV was 14 until Big Al changed sides and Joined Bloc's boys. Kit and ref disasters aside (if not having Dobbin turn up is ever a disaster??) it all went quite smoothly...
Awesome 36 page programme for final game/presentation evening; pic from last season's match against Cam'

The kit problem: Louie scratches his head whilst Gwilym tries to pull something out of his sleeve
Final pre match team talk
Big Kick off (well actually very little kick off that went about 2 yrds)
Tarw watches Mole and Billo chase the ball
Bloc leaps like a salmon (cough)
I think Jumpin' won this one
Cambrian (blue) on an early attack
no idea where the balls gone here
Tony struggles to wade up in support
Bloc's 1st surge - denied by the ref
Cam attack from scrum
Rowlands notices Bloc's dirty head
Bloc still getting shampoo out of his eyes after Lee's wash
stop nattering and get on with it mun!
Bloc scores this time
Warriors wander over for a scrum
Tony notices a dry(ish) blade of grass
running around aimlessly
walking around aimlessly
Chris gets emotional after Warriors score
Warriors backline (Pugh, Gilasbey, Rodgers, Whittaker) poised to strike (or are on strike, one of the two)
Simon about to pick up and go, (any minute now....)
" Timber"
More aimless running
Warriors behind the posts and behind on the scoreboard - just before half time
Big Al in enemy colors
Half time
Thank god for that: Chrisp takes over ref duties
Jumpin' gives the ball a big cwtch
Majestic lineout take from Killer
replacement prop Andrew John hobbles off
Is he waving or drowning??
Chrisp resists the urge to join in
Sheep on the run
Plenty of dog in the Warriors team
Chrisp checks puddle to see no ones drowned
Come on in - the waters lovley
Gwil shows good technique (breast stroke) Killer swimming for the line
Didn't make it
Rodgers on another run
All the way to the line
Warriors legend Dai Spriggs
Cam penalised just as they almost score
Cambrian: team bonding? Lulu and Mathew Kirkham chase the ball

Simon recives line out call via message in bottle
Kick to touch
Final whistle

Clapping etc Cambrian team with Warriors Big Al and Bloc top left
Both teams together
Warriors team that secured 1st unbeaten home season
back row left to right: Tony Whittaker, Chris Spriggs, Jon Kerr, Wayne Rodgers, Alun Stephens, Dean Gilasbey, Neil Parker, Andrew John, Lee Rowlands, Mathew Jones, John Horwood, Meredith Pugh, Jason Bennett, Rob Roberts,David Spriggs, (front row) Alan Taylor, Simon Jenkins, David Edwards, Roger Thomas (Cpt), Gwilym Lewis, Colin Talcon, Tom Allom, Lewis Jones

Match report

The Llanelli Warriors rounded off their season on a high note, triumphing over the Cambrian in a compelling game and maintaining their season’s ground record in the process.
Although the sun shone, the water on the pitch made ball handling a lottery and both sides did well to produce such a high quality encounter. The Cambrian started off strongly and looked to have scored when Jason Bennett drove over but with plenty of arms about the ref was unsighted. They kept up the pressure though, and the Warriors struggled to gain any consistency. Both sides struggled to get the ball wide but Cambrian seemed to have more grunt upfront and there was no denying Bennett the second time when he surged over to open the scoring. Gavin Evans slotted the conversion.
The Warriors hit back on almost their 1st foray into Cambrian’s half when Simon Jenkins slotted a penalty. The Warriors strength was in the backline but it was replacement prop Andrew John who got them in front when he just managed to ground the ball on the line before being bundled into touch. Tony Whittaker added a touch line conversion.
There was plenty of endeavour on both sides and Cambrian continued to make most of the running. It looked as if the Warriors would hold on ‘til half time until Cam’s number 8, John Mears finished a sweeping move under the posts. Unfortunately Evans missed the conversion; 12-10 to Cambrian at half time.
The pace of the game was maintained into the second half and there were plenty of chances at both ends. Mathew Kerkham did well for the Select team whilst Rob Roberts put in a lot over cover for the Warriors. The Warriors seemed able to make good ground but couldn’t get a proper foothold in Cambrian territory and the select XV’s tactical play kept them within scoring range but they weren’t quite able to finish a move.
Jon Kerr was among the Warriors to go close but eventually the decisive score came with a great solo effort from strong running Wayne Rogers. Kerr slotted the conversion to leave the Cambrian needing a try. The last 10 minutes saw plenty of action and some very frayed Warrior nerves but they clung on to record their 9th victory from 12 starts this season.
Warriors: Rob Roberts, Meredith Pugh (Tom Allom), Neil Parker, Wayne Rodgers, Tony Whittaker, Dean Gilasbey, Mathew Jones, Colin Talcon, Chris Spriggs (Gwilym Lewis), David Edwards (Andrew John), Roger Thomas (Cpt), John Horwood, Jon Kerr, Simon Jenkins (Alan Taylor), Lee Rowlands.
Tries: Andrew John, Wayne Rodgers,
Conversions: Tony Whittaker, Jon Kerr,
Penalty: Simon Jenkins
Man of the match: David Edwards

Bloc was very unlucky to not get his 1st try allowed but Rowlands did give him a wash in one of the puddles to compensate. The ball being like a bar of soap didn't help anyone and John Kerr was having enough problems catching it without Jnr sprinting at him everytime he had the ball. Kerr had a nice couple of runs but won't like to remeber Big Al hitting him from behind, or his 1st yellow card. The forwards had a bit off an off day and the lack of recent matches was evident. Dai 'Posh' was man of the match, despite sitting out much of the game after picking up a bang on the ankle, another of Captain Roger's unorthodox choices. Unexpected bonus of the day - The puddles were actually nice and warm!
After the match it was back to the Cambrian for the annual Golden Bola awards night, click YMA for full report/photos