Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cefneithin 10 Llanelli Warriors 30 (Match 163)

Cefneithin had a massive bachelors this weekend so with 50 boys missing there was some worry that this fixture wouldn't match previous occasions - HA!

The Warriors had probaly their best turn out this season player wise with the big news that cult hero Gareth McKibbon was back on the team.
It was credit o the Cefneithin grounds staff that Cae carwyn was in playable conditions and so it was ON with the game:-

MATCH REPORT (official version)

The Warriors maintained their excellent record in their annual fixture at Cefneithin, retaining the anniversary cup but it was a more terse and combatitive encounter than usual, not aided by the poor conditions.
Usually a feast of running rugby this was a more dour affair with half the points total this fixture usually produces. That’s not to say it was poor quality rugby, just that both teams sensibly reigned in their ambitions to better deal with the wet weather. In fact with the Warriors only having lost once this term and both Cefneithin’s teams heading their leagues it was no surprise that the rugby was often scintillating.
Both packs got stuck into each other with relish, Warriors flanker Kwan standing out whilst the gnarly home pack made sure it wasn’t a contest for the faint hearted. It was no surprise then that the deadlock was broken after the referee caught and carded Cefn’s Dai Lewis for a punch. In such a tight game there was no way that a weakness like that could be held and Warriors wingers Pollitt and Ramcke showed excellent finishing skills to set the Warriors on their way. The only people to rival their running over the sodden grounds were Warriors props Bennett (until a hamstring went) and Mckibbon whose entertaining running saw him named Man of the Match.
Bennett made a try for Simon Jenkins and the Warriors first half scoring was completed by Gilasbey at fly half. It was scant reward for Cefneithin who found themselves well behind in what seemed a tight contest although the Davies twins Scott and Sion impressed with the latter scoring a well taken try.
The second half was a an even more even affair, not least in the discipline stacks where Dafydd Bonar (Cefneithin) and Gwilym Lewis (Warriors) both received yellows. At least Dafydd, the latest of the Bonar dynasty, had the satisfaction of scoring a try on his return. Unfortunately for both him and the home team it wasn’t enough. With an irrepressible Jon Kerr having a stand out game for the Warriors and frustrating the Cefneithin several times, scores from Josh Crowther and Mathew Jones (on the final whistle) were enough to see the Warriors home (if not dry).
Afterwards Cefneithin again demonstrated their ongoing support of the Warriors team with £500 raised. Both clubs would like to thank all concerned for their magnificent support.

Llanelli Warriors: Anthony Randall (Mathew Jones), Darren Pollitt (Lee Rowlands), Andrew John, Alun Stephens, Curtis Ramcke (Joshua Crowther), Dean Gilasbey, Chris Edmunds, Jason Bennett (Mike Seigont), Huw Jenkins (Nathan Lawson), Colin Talcon (Richard Evans, Gareth Mckibbon), John Horwood, Jonathan Kerr, Gwilym Lewis, Simon Jenkins (Cpt), Alex Kwan

Warriors Tries: Ramcke, S.Jenkins, Pollitt, Gilasbey, Crowther, Jones
Cefneithin Tries: Sion Davies, Dafydd Bonar
Ref: Charlie
Seren y Gem: Gareth McKibbon

EXTRA INFO: a real wet weather match with big puddles of ICE cold water made this a real fun game to play in. Gareth Pies McKibbon started off as he contiuned by being 20 yards behind the pre match photo. Bloc did his rampaging buffalo impression with two awesome runs, the 1st should have resulted in a try, it featured a magnificent side step (from an opponent - out of the way) and if he hadn't managed to find the ONLY dry spot on Cae Carwyn he would have scored and ploughed a huge farrow in one go, never mind poacher Jenkins went over for him - before fluffing the conversion. Bloc's 2nd run was even better, ending in a comedy full stop when his hamstring went ("it happens to runners like me and Paula Ratcliff all the time"). Gareth McK also had a great prop run which saw him all the way to the try line until the ball inexplicably squirted out of his hands.
Pollitt's try was the best effort - a real sprinters effort hugging the touchline all the way, Gilasbey's was the worst, going over from a distance Gwilym would have been ashamed of.
Kicking was no better, following Tarw's dismal effort were Killer, Charlie (the ref), Pretty Pollitt and Joshua 'Ness' Crowther.
Dai Juniors card for 'punching' Simon (nice one Lewi) was fair enough but Gwilym's seemed to be for doing his laces up and no one knows what Daf Bonar's was for. Lee Rowlands was also lucky not to go for tripping - Huw Flash.

Billo has the last word, not only scoring a late try but also having his birthday celebrated. In two NON gay incidents he suffered 'deep heat' burns on his 'cheeks' but had revenge on gwilym in the showers!!!

Finally off to the clubhouse and for once watch Wales playing for a full 80 minutes with Warriors favorite fly half named Seren y Gem. Then it was the usual crazy Cefneithin afternoon with (in no particular order) Raffle (Rowlands won), toliet breaks, Gareth McKibbon's thank you speech, Scotland spoiling Irelands triple crown, video highlights from last year, karoke (featuring amongst others; Jumpin' John on yellow submarine, Evie Rowlands (age 3 1/2), Tony Whittaker, Jon Killer and LEWI!!!), Huw Flashing, Pretty Pollitt getting lost and Simon jenkins disapearing 'outside' (again) with his chick.

Strop of the day was when he almost lost his shorts in his birthday drag through the mud (well done Jonny Kerr, Lewi etc)

so all saftley home with a quick bus sing song, now has anyone seen Gareth's Scarlets hat.

To all those elsewhere or with better things to do - you missed a cracker.

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