Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hendy 35 Llanelli Warriors 50 (Match 158)

A late start to the season and a poor memory from the Warriors present.

Curtis had an awesome debut, Jon Kerr retained the Captaincy and the Warriors won, not being there that is about as much as I can gather. Block tells me the boys played well and Parker reckons they took it quite seriously. he also told me they went into a big lead, no, wait a minute, they scored 1st then we scored and ... then we kind of....pulled ahead of them a bit...I think (Cheers Neil)

New boy Curtis at least had some info for me:
anthony randall 2
calvin 3
billo 1
parker 1
robert hughes 1
jonny 1nathan lawson 1
great performances all round, all the boys played well hendy gave a great game. (tbh i dont know how many they scored and if u wait for neil to tell u the match review u will wait along time lol) maybe you could put all this crap into your own words
(starting 15)
curtis ramcke
anthony randall
mathew billo jones
darren pollitt
richard evans
nathan lawson
neil parker
big alan stevens
jason bloc bennett
jonathan killer kerr
robert hughes
simon jenkins
luke messeggero
will brownmini
gav? dno his name i remember his jumper lol
(subs)liam carpenter
david carpenter
colin talcon
(unknown surname ginger hair shaved plays prop)

Thats what I have to work with!!!!

Block mananged to get the Hendy details:
15, iwan thomas (80 yard solo try)
14, josh batcup (jnr, try)
13, c evans.
12,andrew dowd.
11,rob james.
10, marc tiplady.
9, scott cullen(try).
1, dai davies(try).
2, sam parkhouse(try)
3,chris antoniazzi.
4, jason hodges.
5,aled fowler.
6,chris williams.
7,anthony gwenter (capt, try).
8, tomos fowler (jnr, try).

so make of that what you will, anyway a good win for the Warriors

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